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Lose Weight and Feel Great with The Zone Diet

There are typically three reasons you’re looking at a diet site:

  1. You’re ready to lose weight right now.
  2. You’re concerned about your overall health.
  3. You have dietary issues, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

We make following the Zone Diet easy even if you're already on a diet, need to prepare

food for the rest of your family, or are too busy for complex recipes and calorie counting.

Get the Body You Want With The Zone Diet.

Zone Success

The Zone Diet is based on nutritionally sound principles. When you’re eating right, the pounds seem to melt away.

If you’re new to the Zone, here’s a quick explanation: you’ll plan your meals, shop for groceries as you’ve always done, and cook your meals.

There’s a substantial math requirement, though, to keep your nutrition scientifically balanced to make your body release those extra pounds. FormulaZone was created to do the calculations for you, and make following the Zone Diet easy.

FormulaZone starts you out with over 3,580 recipes, and offers a dozen easy-to-use tools to help your whole family successfully lose weight and get healthy. And because being healthy shouldn’t be expensive, you can join, and plan meals for every member of your family at no additional charge.

You don't have to make major changes to the way you eat.

The FormulaZone simplifies your diet. You won’t be hungry when you get the right kind of nutrients - low glycemic carbohydrates, enough protein, and some fat each meal, you'll think clearly, have more energy, lose weight, and not worry about blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

Start now By your next meal you'll be enjoying the large portions and loving the variety. Your family won’t even realize they're on a diet.


Already on a diet?

Whether your choice is the Zone Diet, the Formula, 40-30-30, Vegetarian / Vegan, or even the Glycemic Index, we have an incredible collection of tools that make sticking to your plan infinitely easier.

Plus the largest collection of 40-30-30 recipes available anywhere - all customizable for your family.

Under a doctor's care / special dietary needs?

FormulaZone has tools for diabetics to control blood sugar, for people suffering from food allergies, even for picky eaters.

Get more from your vegetarian diet.

Use the hundreds of proven vegetarian recipes, or use the Recipe Builder tool to create your own.

Celebrities in The Zone

Celebrities - get fit and stay healthy like the stars do.

Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, and other celebrities follow the Zone, for the same reasons you should.

Zone Diet Success

Become your own success story.

Want to brag that you lost up to 9 pounds in your first week? If you decide to make the commitment, we'll be there with the science, the tools, and the best support available - from other members and from the FormulaZone support staff. Don’t put it off until later. Get started now, before your next meal.

Why the FormulaZone?

Learn how to put real power into every part of your diet program with our exclusive diet tools. Compare to other sites to see you'll pay less and get more from FormulaZone. Take the tour and learn everything this site has to offer you and your whole family as well.


How much could you lose?