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What is the R3 Diet?

Formula Zone Review Board
By Formula Zone Review Board

In the world of diets, there are many choices. If you’re looking for something that will help you change your eating habits, kickstart your metabolism, and feel revitalized, you may want to consider an R3 Diet plan.

But what is the R3 Diet? It should be important to note that there are three versions of the R3 Diet:

  • The R3 Reset, Restore, and Revive Four-Week Plan, developed by Tammy Murphy and  Dr. Steven Geanopulos
  • The Reverse, Retrain, and Rebuild R3 Diet, based on the book by Joy Brown
  • The Reset, Reintroduce, Real-Life R3 Weight Loss Plan, based on the work of Susan Torborg.

After researching each of the three versions of the R3 diet, we found some notable differences between each.

In this article, we’ll show you what you can expect with each plan, along with the pros and cons.

The R3 Reset, Restore, and Revive Four-Week Plan

This four-week plan was developed by two functional medicine, healing, and nutrition practitioners. The goal is to help people reset their weight, restore energy, and revive their health.

The 28-day plan focuses on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

To get started, you can sign-up for the next upcoming session or for a 20-minute consultation with Tammy Murphy to learn more. Murphy, one of the co-founders, is a Functional Diagnostic (FDN) Practitioner, health coach, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-certified trainer.

The 28-day R3 program includes:

  • Four hours of live Zoom group nutritional education and coaching sessions with Tammy. Here you’ll learn about food choices, recipes, and meal plans.
  • An R3 Metabolic Reset Kit from Cyrene Labs. The kit includes a one-month supply of six supplements along with a reset guide, journal, 40-page recipe book, and meal plan.
  • Exercise planning. Learn how to reach a low level of fat-burning intensity.
  • Education on improved health and optimized living. Four hours of recorded Zoom sessions with Tammy and co-founder Dr. Steven Geanopulos, a functional medicine and nutrition practitioner. Tammy and “Dr. G” give you practical guidance for optimized living.
  • Meditation and stress management. A one-hour Zoom session led by yoga and meditation instructor Shannon Murphy. Meditation is useful for reducing stress and sleeping better, a proven aid when trying to lose weight.
  • Peer support. During your 4-week R3 program, you can talk with other members in a private Facebook group. There is also a food-tracking app. You’ll also receive emails and texts from Tammy to keep you motivated and accountable.

The cost of the program is $399. 


  • Learn how to make healthy food choices
  • Four hours of live Zoom training and support
  • Learn the benefits of low-intensity exercise and meditation


  • The plan is expensive
  • The plan only lasts for four weeks
  • Some of the Zoom sessions are pre-recorded

Reverse, Retrain, and Rebuild R3 Diet

This R3 diet is described in the book, R3 Diet: Reverse, Retrain, Rebuild Your Body & Mind, by Joy Brown. It was published in 2011.

Joy Brown is a certified personal trainer and fitness and nutrition coach. In this book, she discusses how to:

  • Reverse – negative psychological thoughts and sickness
  • Retrain – mind and taste buds
  • Rebuild – body and cells.

The book teaches:

  • The psychological components of the R3 diet
  • How to quit cravings
  • The benefits of vitamins and minerals in healthy foods
  • How food, fitness, supplements, and mindset work together as a four-pillar system

This diet eventually lets you eat whatever foods you want but it kicks off with a 30-day raw food detox.

Joy maintains that losing weight is 80% about food and 20% about exercise. The book includes information about practical ways to get moving to speed up weight loss.


  • Joy Brown’s R3 diet helps you reframe your thinking and take a psychological approach to eating
  • While the plan focuses heavily on food, it also incorporates fitness
  • You can find the book for under $10


  • Not everyone can or will want to eat raw foods for 30 days
  • Lack of an app or other support-group features

Reset, Reintroduce, Real-Life R3 Weight Loss Plan

This plan was developed by Susan Torborg, a personal trainer and wellness coach. Over three, two-week stages, participants learn healthier eating and exercise habits.

The R3 Weight Loss Plan places a lot of emphasis on metabolism and has you eating every two to three hours. Supplements are part of the program.

Torborg researched many supplement manufacturers and found Melaleuca to be her supplement of choice. Melaleuca eventually bought the R3 Weight Loss Plan from Torborg and she works for their company today as a digital marketing manager.

Torborg first began using this plan while working with priests and seminarians. Since then, thousands of others have benefited from the plan. There are currently 70,000 active members in the R3 Weight Loss Plan Facebook group. 

The R3 Weight Loss Plan teaches people how to “heal” from sugar and carbs. Lists of “yes” and “no” foods are provided. You can add some of the “no” foods in phase two. In phase three, you can eat anything you want in moderation.

To get started with the R3 Weight Loss Plan, you set up a shopping account with Melaleuca. Many weight loss packages at various price points are available. You can purchase protein shakes, protein bars, fiber bars, and supplements.


  • No calorie counting
  • No weighing foods
  • Support from a large Facebook group


  • The plan only lasts for six weeks
  • Some foods are prohibited during the first four weeks
  • You have to join the Melaleuca shopping club

The Final Word

With so many weight loss programs available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Different plans have different ideas about what works and how.

R3 plans are definitely worth a look but remember slow and steady wins the race with weight loss.

Before starting any weight loss program, check with your doctor. And, remember, to keep weight off you have to adopt healthy habits for life. Good luck!