Drink Plenty of Water

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Your body needs water. Everybody knows it. But just how much water is enough water?

Not surprisingly, it depends on what you are doing. Are you losing weight? You need more water. Are you exercising a lot? You need even more water. Do you drink coffee or alcohol? Then you need even more water.

It's a lot of water but your body needs it. There is no other way to look at it: it is a fundamental element of optimal health, and of losing weight.

Other drinks just don't do it. While they do contain water, most of them contain something else that isn't good.

Soda and juices contain sugar, and are high glycemic. While you may gain some hydration, you also gain additional unwanted calories.

Diet sodas, coffee, and tea contains caffeine, which is a diuretic (causes you to urinate, passing even more water). They have the frustrating effect of causing you need to drink even more water.

Alcohol not only has additional calories, it is also a diuretic and an astringent.

But I'm just not that thirsty! Did you know that when you are thirsty, your body is actually already in a mild state of dehydration? You want to avoid this by drinking water continuously throughout the day.

How do I drink that much water every single day? Like everything, there are some tips and techniques that can help you ensure you drink enough.

You can do it if you just plan a little bit. After a while, it will become habit. And, you will find that you will actually crave the water. Drink enough water, and you will just plain feel better. And don't forget- it is an important part of the fat burning process!