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40 30 30 Calculator / Label Analyzer

Zone Diet Calculator

Sometimes we all like the convenience of frozen dinners or other prepared foods. How do we know if a meal is Zone friendly? That's where this powerful Zone Diet Calculator can help. And it's Free!

The Label Analyzer is a quick and easy tool that lets you can easily determine if a packaged meal offers 40-30-30 balanced nutrition.

Enter the information from the nutritional panel and instantly you'll see the balance ratio and an estimation of the glycemic index. With one click you'll even get a list of foods you can add to balance the meal.

Free 40-30-30 Calculator

Nutrition Facts

Enter GramsCalories

  • Calories

    Calculated calories do not match entered calories.
    (The calculated calories are being used)

    These calories do not include calories from fiber.

  • Total Fat g
  • Total Carbohydrates g
  • Dietary Fiber g

    Fiber (plus sugar) cannot be more than total carbs.

    Enter Fiber to estimate the Glycemic Index.

  • Sugars g

    Sugar (plus fiber) cannot be more than total carbs.

  • Protein g

Zone Analysis

Zone Blocks:


Balance Ratio:



Estimated Glycemic Index:


The Glycemic Index displayed above is an estimate. The only way to determine the actual Glycemic Index (GI) is scientific testing on humans.

Enter the Calories, Fat, Carbs, and Protein from the label.

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