Glycemic Index

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The Glycemic Index (also referred to as "GI") is a key element of the Zone Diet. Considering that the entire purpose of The Zone is to control the release of Insulin in your body, ensuring that the foods you eat are Low Glycemic is critical.

When you eat a carbohydrate, there is a rise in the amount of blood sugar in your body. Your body releases Insulin to control the blood sugar. The Glycemic Index is simply the measure of the rise in blood sugar. The higher glycemic the food, the larger the rise in blood sugar (and therefore more insulin is released).

The Glycemic Index means the rate and amount of increase in blood sugar in your body.

You know the "sugar rush"- eat a candy bar, and you've got fast, abundant energy. But the energy fades quickly, often replaced by sleepiness. Your body has just told you that you've eaten High Glycemic. Eat an apple, an orange, pear, or strawberries, and you will have a more subtle increase in energy that lasts longer. That is a result of eating Low Glycemic. Start Eating Low Glycemic Now!

Low Glycemic is good.
Medium Glycemic is ok. The lower the better.
High Glycemic should be avoided. Occassional treats only!

Insulin tells your body to Store Fat. So, eating low glycemic has one clear benefit: Losing Weight. What are the other benefits of eating low glycemic?

Eating 40-30-30 reduces the effective Glycemic Index, so make sure you eat 40-30-30 at every meal. If you also eat low glycemic, you will find that you become a powerhouse! You feel great, you lose fat, you have more energy, and your mood will be stable. Who doesn't want to feel that way?

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