Eat Every 4 Hours (or more often)

Weight-Loss Triad >> Glycemic Index >> Less than 500 Calories >> Eat Every 4 Hours

Excellent. You are eating 40-30-30. You are eating low glycemic. And you are exercising portion control. Now, why not skip a meal and lose even more weight, right?

Eating causes a hormonal effect in your body. Eating balanced, low glycemic meals causes a hormonal balance. If you don't eat, that hormonal balance shifts. Your metabolism, or "fat-burning" energy drops. Many people experience mood swings, irritability, and loss of mental clarity.

Keep your metabolism up by eating ever 4 hours, or more often. Your metabolism can be thought of as your "fat-burning" mode. When your metabolism is up (such as when you exercise), your body is using more energy. If your goal is to lose weight, then you want to keep your metabolism up as much as possible. When you don't eat, your body compensates by lowering your metabolism.

Maintain your hormonal balance of insulin and glycagon (not to be confused with glucose- blood sugar, or glucogen- stored glucose). Program your body by feeding it a balanced, low glycemic meal regularly to keep the hormones balanced. Don't allow your balance to be thrown off by skipping a meal or waiting too long between meals.

Skipping meals causes overeating later. Sumo wrestlers (you know, the impossible large Japanese wrestlers) eat once a day. Why? Because that's the most effective way to cause your body to store fat. So don't eat like sumo wrestler unless you want a sumo wrestler body.

Hey, it can be tough. It's a busy world out there, and you've got things to do. Here are a few Tips for eating regularly.

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