Dining Out on the Zone Diet

What to do!? You're going out, and you are really trying to follow this Zone Diet thing. Whether you're going to a formal dinner, or to a casual place, remember these tips and you can enjoy yourself and stay on-track with your Zone Diet!

Good Example. Click here to see an example of a reasonabe, yet good Zone Diet Dining Out meal.

Concentrate on protein. What does this mean? It means don't carb up with lots of bread, desserts, drinks, or sides like potatoes. Remember the balance of the Zone Diet!

Concentrate on protein. More? Yes, more. Eat things that you know are good protein sources. Choose chicken. If you must splurge, then have the beef tenderloin or the pork, but watch the fat!

Watch the Fat. Trim your beef or pork of visible fat. Don't order food that's breaded- it's loaded with carbs and fat both. Bad news on the Zone Diet

Portion Control. When you look at a Zone Diet meal on FormulaZone, you will see that you probably don't require a 12 ounce steak. You should probably eat in the 4-6 ounce range to stay on your Zone Diet, right? So order a 12 ounce steak (and a doggie bag right away!), and when it arrives, immediately divide it into an appropriate sized portion and put the rest in a doggy bag.

Preload. Do you have a tendency to eat too much when you eat out? Use some tricks when eating on the Zone Diet. Preload with things such as a salad, water, or other low-calorie, high-volume foods. Then, when the calorie-intense foods come, you won't feel like overeating.

Understand Your Food. Order foods that you have an understanding of nutritionally, and avoid foods that are complex mixtures, such as casseroles, lasagnas, quiche, soups, etc, unless you know they are Zone Diet food.