Eat Less Than 500 Calories

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Just as not eating 40-30-30 can cause an insulin spike, and eating high glycemic can cause an insulin spike, so too can eating over 500 calories.

When you eat a meal, your body must manage the calories you are consuming. The path of least resistance is to convert them to Glucose (blood sugar), which is good for immediate use by your body. But when your Glucose Levels are too high, your body releases Insulin to manage the glucose, which in turn tells your body to store fat.

There are several things that contribute to blood sugar levels. The ratio of carbohydrates to proteins and fats. Proteins and fats cause your body to release other hormones that perform "counter" functions to Insulin. Eating Low Glycemic carbohydrates (see the article on the Glycemic Index). And finally, eating over 500 calories at one meal.

When you eat over 500 calories, your body is flooded with fuel. Converting that fuel to Glucose (blood sugar) is the path of least resistance. This in turn raises insulin levels, which do what? Tell your body to store fat.

So do yourself a favor. After going to all the effort to eat balanced, and to eat low glycemic, make sure you stay under 500 calories. You would hate to blow the benefit over such a simple step! Click Here to Let FormulaZone Help.

How do you make sure to eat fewer than 500 calories? There are several tricks that will help.

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