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What is the Zone Diet?

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It means getting all of your calories in your diet in a Nutritional Balance of 40%-30%-30%. That means 40% of calories from Carbohydrates, 30% from Protein, and 30% from Fat.

To illustrate, take a look at this sample Nutritional Information chart, just like the one you would find on a 40 30 30 Balance Bar or other High Protein Bar. We break it down for you so that you can see if it would be a Zone Diet Food or not:

Zone Diet Nutrition

Why Zone Diet?

Read the Book titled The Formula (by Gene and Joyce Daoust) or The Zone (by Dr. Barry Sears), and you will find one common message: Your body needs protein. It needs a certain amount of it per day. And as you already know, too much fat is bad. It has been found that the 40 30 30 ratio works very well. While it isn't actually high-protein, this way of eating is sometimes referred to as a High Protein Diet.

Carbohydrates and The Glycemic Index

Did you know that all Carbohydrates are not created equal? There is a very important reaction that takes place in your body when you eat Carbohydrates. It is measured on a scale called the Glycemic Index, or Glucose Index.

Diabetics are familiar with this, because it is crucial to maintaining their blood sugar levels. Diabetics know and understand the Glycemic Index.

The Glycemic Index measures how quickly your blood sugar levels spike, and how long the spike lasts. Your body makes insulin to combat high blood sugar levels, and high insulin levels have been linked to high Cholesterol.

What Is FormulaZone?

Read what people are saying about FormulaZone.

FormulaZone is a site dedicated to making following the Zone Diet Easy.You get access to hundreds of Zone Diet Meals. Plus, create your own Recipes with the Meal Designer tool that tells you if a meal is balanced. How does it know? It's got over 1,800 ingredients AND their nutritional information. As you add ingredients, it keeps track of the 40-30-30 balance.

We give you tools that let you quickly and easily build menus for any goal: losing weight, maintaining, or even gaining weight (for you atheletes!)

And that's not all. FormulaZone creates a shopping list for you (including how much to get of each food and where it is in the store). You get access to a list of food from popular fast-food restaurants that fits in the 40-30-30 balance. Click here to find out more.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is simply 40-30-30 Nutrition. There are several books on the topic: The Zone, by Dr. Barry Sears. The Formula, by Gene and Joyce Daoust, and others. While they are all about 40 30 30 Fat Burning Nutrition, the diet itself is commonly referred to as the Zone Diet. (The one Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are following).

Zone Diet Recipes

FormulaZone specializes in providing you with the best tools for creating Zone Diet Recipes. For creating Zone Diet Menus. For creating Shopping Lists for your Zone DietMenus.

FormulaZone is the place to come for new, fresh, Zone Diet Food. Updated daily by our members, you can find hundreds of Zone Diet Recipes right here. In a Hurry? We've gone through the menus of most popular Fast Food restaurants to compile a list of Zone Diet Fast Food for you to eat. We've even come up with a list of Zone Diet Packaged Meals for you to take to work, camping, on a road trip, or when you just don't feel like cooking but want to stick with the Zone Diet.

Is This the Atkins Diet?

No, the Zone Diet is not the Atkins Diet. The Atkins diet is very different than The Zone Diet. The Atkins diet (along with others, such as Sugarbusters), promote the elimination of carbohydrates from your diet for some length of time, and then strict carbohydrate controls.

The Zone Diet promotes increased levels of protein, which are the building blocks of your body's muscles. It also promotes awareness of the different kinds of carbohydrates and their glycemic index.