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Page 1 of 6 of Up to Medium Glycemic Index pugmom97030's Non-Hidden Recipes. (127 Recipes meet this criteria)
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7 Layer Saladpugmom97030 172LowHide
90th Street Diner Dinner (Inspired by the book by Roni Schotter)pugmom97030 35LowHide
Apricot Ham and Asparagus Hollandaisepugmom97030 18MediumHide
Barley Chicken Primavera with Feta Cheesepugmom97030 75LowHide
Bear in the Woods Sandwichpugmom97030 6MediumHide
Grand Prize WinnerBlueberry Crisp (Inspired by Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey)pugmom97030 152LowHide
Bone Button Borscht (Inspired by the book by Aubrey Davis)pugmom97030 3LowHide
Breakfast Burrito with Kiwi and Strawberriespugmom97030 32MediumHide
Bubbles and Squeakspugmom97030 30MediumHide
Second Prize WinnerBuffalo Chickenpugmom97030 59MediumHide
Buffalo Chicken Saladpugmom97030 56LowHide
Butter Battle Sandwich (Inspired by Dr. Seuss)pugmom97030 17MediumHide
Cajun Chicken Saladpugmom97030 22MediumHide
Cajun Flank Steak and Greenspugmom97030 15LowHide
Carmel Ginger Tofu and Asian Spinachpugmom97030 33LowHide
Challenge Souppugmom97030 18LowHide
Challenge Stewpugmom97030 21LowHide
Grand Prize WinnerChicken and Fruit Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrettepugmom97030 88MediumHide
Chicken Asparagus Marsala with Mixed Greens Salad and Fruitpugmom97030 32LowHide
Chicken Bulgur and Wild Rice Skilletpugmom97030 11LowHide
Chicken Cacciatore and Tossed Saladpugmom97030 39LowHide
Chicken Cordon Bleupugmom97030 52MediumHide
Chicken in Italian Cream Saucepugmom97030 32MediumHide
Grand Prize WinnerChicken Penne and Spinach with Creamy Tomato Saucepugmom97030 83MediumHide
Chicken Soup with Rice (Inspired by the book my Maurice Sendak)pugmom97030 17MediumHide
Recipe Name User Rating Favorite Fav Of Glycemic Hide