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Page 1 of 5 of Up to Medium Glycemic Index Non-Hidden Recipes, Whose Name Contains 'Ham'. (123 Recipes meet this criteria)
Recipe Name User Rating Favorite Fav Of Glycemic Hide
Yogurt with Blueberries, Nuts and Crushed Graham Crackersdonnamc68 10MediumHide
Work Lunch (Ham Salad)roselaneess 13MediumHide
Western Hamburger Scramblejeanned 28LowHide
Veggie Ham and Cream Cheese SsandwichKoren 1MediumHide
Ultimate Ham & Cheesekatzy85 10MediumHide
Turkey Ham & Cheese Saladjojo_nardelli 31LowHide
Turkey and Ham Wraperinmcguire 3MediumHide
Turkey & Ham Chef Salad with Celery and SwissEmbyr 13LowHide
Turkey & Ham Chef SaladJessieJaws 12MediumHide
Super Quick Ham Sandwich Lunchellabug 29LowHide
Sunday Ham Sandwichtsagan 1LowHide
Spinach Dip with HamPicc 8LowHide
Spaghetti Ham PiePiper 10MediumHide
Spaghetti Ham Pieerinmcguire 2MediumHide
Sourdough Ham and Cheese With Chicken Noodle Souppnuteminem 6LowHide
Slow-Cooked Stuffing over Ham Steaks (Crock Pot)cmbolser 7MediumHide
Simply Ham and Cheddar with Fruit Saladjojo_nardelli 23LowHide
Simple Ham, Orange and Almond Snackbobbifaye 6LowHide
Simple Ham Pitaicandoit 1MediumHide
Shredded Carrots with Diced Ham Snackjseavello 0LowHide
Shaggys Ham SandwichTim 11LowHide
Quick Ham & Swiss Wrapsthebennetts 10LowHide
Quick Cereal and Ham Breakfastischade 7MediumHide
Quick and Easy Special K-Ham and Egg Breakfastdiana_d_99 11LowHide
Quick and Easy Ham & Cheesejstaggs 17LowHide
Recipe Name User Rating Favorite Fav Of Glycemic Hide