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Page 1 of 5 of Up to Medium Glycemic Index Non-Hidden Recipes, Whose Name Contains 'Ham'. (123 Recipes meet this criteria)
Recipe Name User Rating Favorite Fav Of Glycemic Hide
Ham and Swiss Finger Foodsalex b 10MediumHide
Italian Hamburger Casseroleanne 9MediumHide
No-Egg Ham and Veggie Breakfast Scrambleauntiezhouse 0MediumHide
Ham and Swiss Wrapped Pickleazpoppy 2LowHide
Simple Ham, Orange and Almond Snackbobbifaye 6LowHide
Ham & Cheddar on Wheatbouncesc 10MediumHide
Ham and Avocado WrapBret Kennedy 9MediumHide
Hearty Hamburger SoupCale 22MediumHide
Hamburger Piecammil 5MediumHide
Hearty Ham, Cheese, & Mushroom Omeletcarr7439 11LowHide
Chocolate Chip Trail Mix with HamChathamMommy 6LowHide
Ham & Cheese Wrap with CarrotsChathamMommy 9LowHide
Italian Ham and Turkey Sandwichchef2006 2MediumHide
Ham, Eggs and Cheese with Pearscheke73 5MediumHide
Ham and Bean Soupcmbolser 7LowHide
Slow-Cooked Stuffing over Ham Steaks (Crock Pot)cmbolser 7MediumHide
Ham and Pickles? Wrapdchernosky 4MediumHide
Quick and Easy Special K-Ham and Egg Breakfastdiana_d_99 11LowHide
Asparagus Ham and Swiss Quichedianelong 4MediumHide
Chicken-and-Ham Tetrazzinidonnamc68 2MediumHide
Hearty Ham and Onion Meltsdonnamc68 7LowHide
Yogurt with Blueberries, Nuts and Crushed Graham Crackersdonnamc68 10MediumHide
Second Prize WinnerHam and Cheese Scramble with FruitElaine 184LowHide
Ham and YamsElaine 10MediumHide
Grilled Ham & Cheese Meltelena 10MediumHide
Recipe Name User Rating Favorite Fav Of Glycemic Hide