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effective December 31, 2020

The First Zone Diet Site

Officially launched on January 4, 2003, FormulaZone has been around for nearly 18 years. It was well received, and ahead of it's time by nearly a decade, offering nutrition tools never seen before.

Over the years, the Zone Diet has fallen out of fashion, although the principles are still highly relevant, and often included in the trendy new diets.

Because FormulaZone is such a Zone-specific site, we simply don't have enough members to pay to keep the site operational any longer.

Industry-Leading Nutrition Site

FormulaZone offered cutting edge nutrition tools that took the rest of the industry over a decade to catch up with.

The Recipe Builder allowed you to analyze the macronutrients (and glycemic index) of a meal as you constructed it, giving you tools to adjust it, make it 40-30-30 balanced. On top of that, recipes automatically scaled to the exact size you needed, and much much more.

Sincere Thanks To All Our Members

Over the past 18 years, we've had the joy of working with and helping thousands of people follow the Zone Diet. Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate you.

We are sad to go, but it's time to turn the lights off on this site.

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