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40-30-30 Nutrition

What Is a 40-30-30 Diet?

If you don't know what a 40-30-30 diet is, (What's that?) then this is a great place to learn! (40-30-30 means 40% calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 30% from fat). Many people call it The Zone or The Zone Diet (they are exactly the same thing!)

40-30-30 Success!

What a 40-30-30 Diet Is Not

40-30-30 is not a low calorie diet. It is possible that it is fewer calories than you are eating now, but you won't be hungry! In fact, many people complain they can't eat it all!

Why Follow a 40-30-30 Diet?

Most people start because they want to lose weight. Plus, people who follow a 40-30-30 plan report these fabulous benefits:
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Is a 40-30-30 Diet Complicated?

Not when you use FormulaZone! We built this site specifically to help people get started with this nutrition plan without all the complications. Rather than overwhelm you with details, we take you through it gently over time. Of course, you can learn at your own pace!

How do I do it?

Starting with a 40-30-30 Nutrition plan is easy with FormulaZone! Join now and you can be eating 40-30-30 at your very next meal! With nearly a thousand meal choices (from fast food to frozen dinners, to fast and easy recipes to gourmet meals), a powerful Menu Planning tool, tips, information, and more, you can be enjoying all the benefits of 40-30-30 quickly and easily!

Over 3,100 Recipes - Already 40-30-30 Balanced!

We’ve done the work for you, with tons of 40-30-30 recipes ready for you to eat right now. From quick and easy recipes, to fancy recipes you’d feel comfortable feeding to your mother in law, you have a huge selection of 40-30-30 meals to choose from.

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