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Why Upgrade My Browser?

If you are here, that means you were likely shown the “Please upgrade your Browser” message when you were signing in to FormulaZone.

Please take just a moment to read why you really should upgrade your internet browser.

The Reasons Are Many . . .

There are many reasons. We have listed them by category for you here:

Security: Avoiding Computer Viruses and Attacks

Computer security is an massive on-going battle between hackers and browser companies. As time progresses, hackers become more clever and more knowledgeable about browsers and operating systems.

Everything you do that is internet-facing (that is, in contact with the internet) increases your risk of attack.

Older browsers (and operating systems) are more vulnerable to attacks by viruses, worms, and trojans, and are unable to keep up with the most current techniques to ward off attack. Only by upgrading your browser can you get the most current protection.

Some older browsers were designed with little to no security protection in mind, which means that they will always, always be vulnerable to attack.

Web Standards Compliance: How the Internet Looks to YOU

Another reason is very tangible to you right now: If you got the “Please upgrade your Browser” message, that means that the browser you are using does NOT support many of the programming features that FormulaZone (and many, many other sites) use. This means that the site will appear jumbled, colors may be wrong, and some data entry parts might not work at all.

The older browsers, in particular Internet Explorer 6 and earlier, did a terrible job of complying with the web standards (the agreed-upon rules that dictate how a browser will display web pages). What this means is that it makes it virtually impossible to build a website that displays properly on modern browsers AND still displays properly on “Legacy” browsers such as IE 5 and IE 6.

One final point: While Firefox, Opera, and Safari have done a wonderful job of keeping up with current web standards, it was not until version 8 of Internet Explorer when it finally complied with some very fundamental and important standards. Because of some of these limitations in older versions of IE, you will soon see some web pages that will flatly refuse to work in anything Internet Explorer versions older than version 8.

User Experience: How Easy The Browser is To Use and Control

It wasn’t until modern browsers such as Firefox and IE7 came along before you could use such incredibly useful and convenient features such as Tabbed Browsing (opening multiple web pages within the same browser), moving browser tabs, using Add-Ons (both for fun and for additional security), using Themes and Skins to change the way the browser looks, and more.

While these features aren’t as critical as the security improvements, they really do improve the way you browse the internet.

Our Ultimate Recommendation: What We Believe to Be The Best

Everything before this section has been unbiased factual explanation. Now, for get ready for a bit of opinion.

In our opinion, there is absolutely no comparison in Security OR User Experience to using Firefox 3.0+, along with the No-Script Add-On. (And, for the icing on the cake: The gorgeous Noia 2.0 Theme). While the No-Script add-on can be a bit irritating at first, it provides you with the ultimate in browsing control by limiting the ability of web pages to run scripts on your computer without FIRST getting your permission.

And the best part? This works with all popular computer operating systems - whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux.