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Family Style

FormulaZone allows you to View Recipes and Plan Menus with flexibility. You can use it by yourself, or for your entire family. To use it with your family, you will want to set your Menu Preferences to Family Style.

Family Style allows you to enter your partner's calories per day, as well as your childrens' calories per day (if you have more than one child, add the calories together and enter them in the Children's Calories box).

When you enter your Partner's Calories and your Childrens' Calories, and set Family Style to Yes, FormulaZone does several things. First, it builds the Recipe to suit your entire Family. Second, it shows your serving portion, your Partner's serving portion, and your Childrens' serving portion. Finally, it will provide a link on the Recipe to allow you to view the recipe as Individual Style, for situations such as when you eat lunch separately, etc.

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