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Jicama (yambeans)

Nutritional Information

Jicama (yambeans)
(Other, in the Produce section)

Total22 0.2

Glycemic Index: (what's that?)
Low Glycemic Index

May be measured by:
Volume (cc, fluid ounce, cup, etc.)
Weight (gram, ounce, pound, etc.)

Nutritional Standards
Glycemic Index is based on a scale of 0 to 150.
Low is within the range of 0-35,
Medium is 36-70,
High is 71-100,
and Very High is over 100.
The Glycemic index cannot be calculated, only measured in lab testing on humans.

Calories per Gram:
A carbohydrate gram is 4 calories,
a protein gram is 4,
and a fat gram is 9.
There is no standard for combined grams.

Zone Blocks:
A carbohydrate block is 36 calories,
a protein block is 28,
and a fat block is 27.
Combine one block of each nutrient to make a whole Zone block, which is 91 calories.